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Cross border accounting service

We provide a cross border company control, accounting, finance, outsourcing  and consulting

Cross Border Accounting Outsourcing


We provide a cross border outsourcing service. Former mulinational company CFO will manage cross border company accounting, tax filing, internal control and all  any other finance management. Outsourcing will be managed at our design framework and score book.


Cross Border Accounting Operations

iAP professional staffs have an experiance of US GAAP/IFRS. We provide reports by your format. We also provide local audit firm arrangement and audit service by our staff. We have the worlwide global network to support global company.

International Business Restructuring and Transfer Pricing

We provide an international business restructuring to optimize tax rate, transfer pricing bench marking, documentation, APA and other international tax support. International tax is our main business. We provide a newsletter for international taxation and OECD update.

System Implementation Support 

We provide a service of OMSS+ Connect service, Hyperion, SAP/Oracle ERP implementation and local support services

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