Outsourcing Steps

The process of the accounting personnel out source has the following steps.

Examination of Accounting Human Resources Out Source

When considering the outsourcing personnel out source, it is necessary to clearly determine the scope, period, cost, quality standards, etc. to out source. It is also necessary to examine the benefits and risks obtained by outsourcing and determine whether the outsourcing is the optimal option.

Selection of outsourcing destinations

When selecting an out source destination, it is necessary to evaluate the reliability, quality standards, prices, and security measures at the out source destination. It is also necessary to consider whether the outsourcing destination can provide services that match the company’s accounting system and business process.

Contract negotiations

Once the out source destination is selected, the contract negotiations are performed. Contracts include business scope, price, delivery date, quality standards, service level contracts, etc. The contract includes the outsourcing destination and the company’s responsibility, confidentiality contracts, and conditions for canceling the contract.

Transition preparation

Once the out source destination is decided, start preparing for the business. We will determine the work procedure and schedule for migration, and perform data migration and application settings. It is also important to provide training and support for the outsourcing destination.

Out source work implementation

When the migration is completed, start accounting operations by out source. It is important to submit regular reports and establish communication on solutions. It is also important to maintain the quality standards promised by the outsourcing destination in accordance with the service level contract.

Performance monitoring and improvement


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