Does the outsourcing operation fit in your company?

There are some places that are not good. Let’s analyze and consider it.
It can not be said that 100%of customers have actually introduced outsource.
Of course, there are cases where we could not reach, but there are cases where it is better to hire the accounting department department in -house. Please consult our consultant.

Good point

The work will be stable

Accounting, HR staff will be hired and takeover due to retirement, but in the case of outsource companies, there is no need to worry.

Cost reductions

By outsource of accounting, companies can reduce the cost of accounting staff, social insurance expenses, and attendance management. In addition, it is not necessary to introduce the equipment and software required for accounting operations, which will reduce costs.

Use of expertise

Accounting outsourcing companies have staff with specialized knowledge and experience in accounting work, so you can efficiently handle more advanced tasks.

Timely information provision

Accounting outsourcing companies can use dedicated software to handle accounting data and manage accounting books. This allows you to provide timely information, and managers can make quick decisions.

Efficiency of operations

Accounting outsourcing companies have established the process necessary for accounting operations, so they can improve their work. In addition, outsource of business can focus on its own core business, which may lead to improved business performance.

Reduction of risk

Accounting outsourcing companies are familiar with regulations such as laws and regulations and taxes and can do appropriate accounting. Therefore, companies can reduce legal risk.

Weak point

Security risk

There is a risk of leaking confidential information and financial information of companies owned by accounting outsourcing companies. In addition, the outsourcing company itself may be leaked or hacked.

Difficulty of customization

Services provided by outsourcing companies are limited. If a company asks for specific requirements or customization, the outsourcing company may not be able to respond.

Loss of management controls

If you outsource accounting, it may be difficult for corporate managers to grasp the whole business. In particular, you may not be able to grasp the details of the detailed work, which may lead to delays and mistakes in making decisions.

What is the difference between a tax accountant and an accounting outsource?

Tax accountants are experts who have knowledge of laws and taxes, and will provide advice, consulting, and tax returns on corporate tax and accounting. Tax accountants are specialists in tax -related operations, so they can provide specialized knowledge and experience on corporate tax issues.

On the other hand, accounting outsourcing refers to outsourcing corporate finances and accounting operations to outsourcing companies. Outsourcing companies perform the accounting work of the company, manage daily transactions, books, and create financial results reports.

In other words, tax accountants are specialists who are specialized in tax and accounting, and are to provide professional advice on corporate tax issues, and outsourcing of accounting is corporate finances and accounting operations. The role is to outsource to the outsourcing company and perform daily work.


Case 01
In the case of Company A

The temporary employees were quit in 3-6 months, and it was difficult to take over. It was decided to introduce accounting outsourcing due to lack of personnel and lack of specialized knowledge. outsource of all accounting operations in I -Pi, and reduced costs.

Monthly cost
900,000 yen
After outsourcing project
560,000 yen

Case 02
In the case of Company K

Accounting operations were performed at multiple overseas bases, but accounting outsourcing was introduced to unify the work and improve efficiency. By outsourcing business to outsourcing companies, we have achieved accounting quality improvement and cost reduction.


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